About Us

Making spaces and gaining brands with our professionals with original touch

Crystal decor we worked for years to renovate, re model, and build original your space and office to bring you the best from us to explore your homely and office life .We attached and invented modern and full of elemental architectural founds, and jobs engaged with natural light and naturally touched green concepts as well.In last decade , through the constructional world numerous new founds happened with new age concepts based with main architectural and construction pillars , we made more new spaces with them and we tried to attach our own original MARK on them because we are décor and we wanted to create our own signature in the industry .Passed time with our construction buisness we have join with many relative and non-related kinds of creations and businesses. And we empowered people who hold real fresh ideas to explore and make original types of spaces.

We believe living or working space is not only for stay or work , we believe it should be the best place on earth because the precious life is passing with that space . So we are very serious to build and create your place nicer and let you make and build your life in next level.Last year we started our brother company Verticulture to make spaces greener in vertical way. a brand new concept depart from the ordinary vertical gardening .In this year we fetched some professionals with our buisness to widen services with few facets of new way. specially with the massive 2020 Expo happenings in Dubai we are getting ready to design and crate modern an d new age kinds of exhibition stands , stalls , kiosks with full of effectiveness and beyond .Making exhibition stands and branding brands are kind of master creative jobs in a competitive way.But our way of client servicing and up to the exhibition is different than other competitors. We are not only service providers, we are able to attach with their branding strategy and as well as the marketing visibility when they need.


To become the most successful interior design, exhibition, creative and constructive partner in Middle East.


Beyond the boundaries and widening the range of services, strive to work with leading brands and satisfy Clients more than their expectations with our work.